(CoverPic credits: A cup of Ambition & the Humblebrag)

There is no single stereotype of role models: everyone can be a model.

In order to grow, your development can be accelerated, improved, compared by taking as a reference role models, similar but also different from you. It is important to be aware that a role model is not always about someone in the upper ranks, but everyone should look for three different types of role models:

  • A positive role model, someone a little further in her career than you are, a person whose approach you respect and appreciate, and whose values you share.

  • On the contrary, an anti role model is also important: look for the exact opposite of you, of who has failed where you want to win.

  • Finally, you need a reverse role model. Someone that has achieved what you would like, but of which you do not necessarily share the values of.

Open your own views and broaden your horizons: go in search of your role models but become also one for someone else.That's why we from Rise are here: we are looking for 21 inspirational figures, ready (or maybe not totally) to become role models.

As a role-model, you will be attending relevant workshops and seminars from our partner organisations, together with other girls and women to get inspired.

In exchange we from RISE will be offering tailored-made training activities, to guide you not only to become a role-model, but also to consolidate your personal professional development. Because only by developing yourself, you will be able to develop also others.

Already someone in mind? Let us know

We don’t have to be all CEOs to become role-models, but we can all be an inspiration, just being ourselves.

Activities of the RISE Class '21:

RISE Class ‘21: together with our partners A Cup of Ambition and the Humblebrag we put a marvellous program together dedicated to personal branding, speaking, and writing.

“Positioning for People Changing the World” - The Humblebrag
Are you an emerging or existing leader, trying to strengthen your brand? Would you like to craft your own brand story, amplifying your outreach and connecting with a global community?
This and much more will be the focal point of the Humblebrag & RISE’s “Positioning for People changing the world” workshops. You will not only craft your own story, but you will also embrace bravery and learn to amplify your voice.

Positioning for People Changing The World — The Humblebrag - Impact consultancy and training academy

Academy for female speakers - A Cup of Ambition
Or maybe you always wanted to become a TEDx speaker, and be finally able to go on stage by proudly and convincingly communicating your ambition.
Then, the Academy for Female speakers is exactly what you are looking for:
A Cup of ambition, together with the best public speaking coaches and inspiring speakers, will be offering Netherlands’ first training, entirely dedicated to ambitious women that can’t wait to get on stage and show what they did and what they are capable of doing.

A Cup of Ambition - Het vrouwelijk sprekersbureau van Nederland