Can you believe that also June is almost done? And so is the pride month. Thankfully, after these past dark month we finally have some bright summer months ahead us. And of course some upcoming surprise for you.

Did you know that the pride month is celebrated each year in the month of June to honour the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan? Underrepresented people and communities, still today in 2021, are claiming a seat at the table.

That's why, we will be closing this special month together with Google Digital Workplace. We invite you to celebrate diversity, by joining the #IamRemarkable webinar, to shine light on how we can all be better allies, by loving and respecting each other.

Make a note on your calendar on July 1, from 10.00 to 11.30 am for the #IamRemarkable webinar, hosted by Gabrielle Snijder in collaboration with Google Digital Workplace & WE RISE

Reserve your spot!

#FounderoftheMonth: Arosha Brouwer

This month's founder is Arosha Brouwer. We had a chat with her about her startup Quan, the impact of mental health and life work balance.

“I conceived the idea of Quan at the same time as my second child. The experience of growing a startup in parallel to an actual human being was one of the biggest opportunities for personal and professional growth, and reinforced the importance of prioritising my own well-being alongside company success.”

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#FounderoftheMonth, Placing well-being at the heart of success: June with Arosha Brouwer and Quan
We want to talk, listen and tell together inspiring stories of women, who decided to kick off with their own business. The month of May has been dedicated to Arosha Brouwer, founder of Quan-Well Being

Did you miss the #FounderoftheMonth campaign?

Previously we had Sandra van Beest, founder of the Social Handshake. Every month is a different story, we want to talk, listen and tell together inspiring stories.

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Newsworthy updates

In the last newsletter, we ask you to help us identify the impact of COVID-19 on our Female Entrepreneurship and Women in Tech ecosystem, inviting you to fill out a survey.

Although the low response rate, we would like to thank who took the time to fill it out sharing with us their impressions, concerns and insights.

Soon we will be disclosing the outcome of the survey. For those, who did not fill it out, we are curious to know why. Aren't you affected anymore by the pandemic? Did things turn out well ? Feel free to share with us your opinion.

We continue working at an accelerated pace to get things done.

Soon more is coming .. Stay tuned!