Listen to season 1 and 2 for 12 conversations on 12 different topic, by the creative women in our team and the speakers from our previous events (below). In February 2019 we launched seasons 3. Listen to our newest season for eight 1-on-1 conversations with creative women. 8 different women with 8 different perspectives on the layers of their personality and careers.

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The Creative Women Collective: Founder Awura Abena launched the website of CWC on 1 September 2016. One day after her last day as an intellectual property attorney.

After years of advising and litigating for creative individuals and companies as a lawyer, Awura took a leap of faith. She started CWC inspired by her closest creative girlfriends, who's courage sparked a fearlessness within herself. In her childhood Awura struggled to combine the academic with the creative, and - out of fear - chose her brain over her heart. The contact with her creative clients didn't satisfy her creative hunger. After 5 years of working in the legal sector, she turned a 180 degrees and jumped into the world of creative entrepreneurship.

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