With an investment of 750,000 Euros in the RISE - Female Hub Amsterdam project, the municipality of Amsterdam wants to strengthen its support for female entrepreneurs and women in the tech sector and improve access to relevant networks and expertise for ambitious women in the Amsterdam region.

Now is more than ever the time to support women

The current climate for female entrepreneurship and women in the technology sector is far from optimal. Women entrepreneurs are very underrepresented in the Amsterdam and the overall Dutch startup and scaleup ecosystem: only 11.6% of all startups and scaleups in the Netherlands are founded by a woman. There is also a clear gap in attracting funding. In 2019, a study by Techleap.nl showed that of all investments in startups in the Netherlands, only 5.3% went to women-led startups. The COVID-19 pandemic shows that female entrepreneurs are hit harder than their male colleagues.

Economic Recovery and Investment Plan

As part of the Economic Recovery and Investment Plan, the City of Amsterdam has united twenty Amsterdam organizations with RISE - Female Hub to create a three-year program for ambitious women at different stages of their career. These partners are various organizations and initiatives that are already actively working for and with female entrepreneurs and women in the tech sector in Amsterdam. By collaborating they aim to make more impact.

A three-year program to stimulate female entrepreneurship and cooperation

RISE - Female Hub strives to provide the right support programs while providing the expertise and network women need to successfully do business and / or start a career in the tech sector. In the program, the activities are divided into 4 work packages: collecting ecosystem data, strengthening knowledge sharing and networking opportunities, increasing visibility and representation and creating funding opportunities. The program offers training courses, workshops, mentor sessions and tailor-made help with financing issues.

The intention is that the municipality will support this project with resources for the next 3 years.