Welcome to RISE. We're want to become the inspiring hub in Amsterdam that wants to make the world experience the power of gender equality and diversity in the workplace, together with female focused organizations (see partners here).

We are dedicated to letting women grow and support their careers. By collaborating, showcasing and celebrating our female members and partners, we will bring out the best of everyone.

And at the same time, we empower you to change not only your world, but 'our' world. Because only together we can make an impact!

“Offering the tools to accelerate an inclusive gender balance in the workplace that benefit everyone.”

Why RISE? We believe equality and diversity between men and women is the key to better work performances, happier people and a better world. And, as stated by Melinda Gates: 'Now, more than ever, we have the knowledge, the energy, and the moral insight to crack the patterns of history."

That's why now is the time to combine our strengths and show the world what equality and diversity in the workspace can do. Are you with us?

RISE is dedicated to showcasing, supporting and celebrating an inclusive gender balance in the workplace. The good news? You can be part of our mission, too.

We collaborate with a network of trusted partners and serve as a home base to organize and host curated programming, such as: workshops, networking- and community events and matchmaking opportunities.
Our joined effort will be a powerful source to create and develop more equal opportunities for women. Get in touch to become a partner and be part of the movement